In Buddhism, Dana (generosity) is a practice of profound significance, embodying the essence of non-dual awareness. It goes beyond mere giving; it's an expression of interconnectedness and compassion. This practice helps to dissolve the ego, fostering a heart of openness and compassion. Your Dana directly aids the dissemination of Dzogchen teachings and sustains our community. Each act of generosity, big or small, contributes to the growth and vitality of our spiritual family.

Dana given to the Meditation Online community offers vital support to Lama Dawai Gocha. Having vowed to always give Dharma as a gift, your generosity helps sustain his daily needs but also helps many other beings. Please know he is deeply grateful for the connection and support, all help ultimately benefits the spread of meditation and a path to true freedom of mind.

How to give Dana to Meditation Online.

Thank you for your generosity in considering Dana for Meditation Online. Meditation Online is for the benefit of all sentient beings and will remain free regardless of donation provided.

  • No donation is required or mandatory.
  • Funds are used for the group's Dharma activities and Lama Dawai's living expenses.

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