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Live Meditation Sessions

  • Always free. All are welcome.
  • Twice a day: 9am and 9pm ET.
  • Established 2013.
  • Under the guidance of Lama Dawai Gocha.
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Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness

Recent news events have shown that change is the only constant. Meditation and mindfulness can offer a helpful way to live with this constant change. [NIH]. Many different researchers have analyzed and summarized the effects of meditation on behavior and brain imaging in clinical and non-clinical subjects, and have demonstrated significant physical and mental health benefits. [MDPI]

Our Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

We use formal meditation practices that come from authentic Buddhist lineage.[Our Lineage] The practices we use include mindfulness of breathing, compassion or loving kindness-focused meditation, the use of mantras or phrases as the focus for meditation, and many others. We also share readings and knowledge from authentic Buddhist tradition, especially Dzogchen and Vajrayana.

Free since 2013 has been an open meditation group since 2013, totally free of charge. We started off on Reddit's /r/Buddhism subreddit as "redditations." Our online sessions are safe spaces where you can join us from anywhere in the world. There is no expectation of donations or payment of any kind. We are a community of people who are interested in meditation and mindfulness, and we're happy to have you join us.